My Top 3 Tips to Start Exercising

For me, exercise is so important, not just because I want to look good but, because the way I feel after I exercise. I know what you are thinking- bullshit! But, it is true, trust me, my whole family can attest to that, when I am in a bad mood they literally all tell me to get out and run or, do something! Since exercising 5 times a week and, getting out at least  everyday, not only has my sleep improved but, my relationships, focus and athletic performance have dramatically increased! This time last year I tried to go out for a ‘run’ however by the first 500 meters I nearly died- no joke! Then a couple of weeks ago I went on my first run since then and did 5 kilometers in 35 minutes! Now, I’m not saying I breezed through it easily (trust me I didn’t, I looked like a tomato at the end) but, what I’m trying to do is tell you what exercise can lead to- it is amazing! So, to finish up here are my: Top 3 Tips! Enjoy!

1.Find something you love

There is so much variety out there today when it comes to exercising that there is really NO excuse! Whether you want something that is  more high intensity like Crossfit, HITT, boxing, interval training, running or circuits there are plenty of services out there! However, If your new to the exercise world start with something lower impact like, walking, yoga, or pilates! Or, if you want something right in the middle I recommend Barre, weights, swimming and bike riding! Remember, if you don’t enjoy what your doing than you might as well forget about it all together!

2. Join a gym!

For me, when I started taking my exercise seriously, the one thing I found hard was motivating myself, as I did all my exercise from home. So, I decided to join my mothers gym and, It is safe to say I loved it! Not only was I going 5 times a week but, it was and, still is something to de-stress me especially now that I am in my last years of high school! Not only that, but when your with a group of people and a trainer constantly on your back, it motivates you to keep on going! I really recommend it as 1. you become part of a community and 2. without it, personally, I don’t think I would be a very nice person! There are so many gyms out their today, I think they’re literally going to take over the world some day, most of them also have an intro offer so, join a few gyms and see which one suits you!

3. Don’t compare yourself, Listen to yourself!

Whether your comparing yourself with other people at your gym, friends, family or what the media says, it is really important to remember that your fitness level is so different to everyones so, chill out! There is so much conflicting research out their, some saying ’30 minutes a day is enough’ or,’ one hour a day- at least’, or ‘ exercise at high intensity at  least four times a week but, don’t go to hard’. Ultimately, it is all bloody confusing so, listen to your body it is so smart and will tell you exactly what you are feeling- Trust me! Some weeks you may find you can exercise everyday with no problem others, you may find that 3 times is more than enough and that is fine to! In reality, the more in tune with your body you become the more your athletic performance will increase and injuries and a bad relationship with yourself will decrease.







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